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With the passage of the school levy in the fall of 2016, our community has a renewed excitement for the future of our schools. School leaders have been planning how to best use the $68.2 million generated by the levy to build a new high school, a new Bath Elementary School (grades 3-5) and to make renovations to both Hillcrest Elementary (grades Pre K-2) and Revere Middle School (grades 6-8). Early planning conducted before the levy passed has now progressed to more careful and detailed configurations with construction to begin late fall 2018.

As promised, the levy will also provide for some standard facility improvements to certain athletic components, including a new gym for Bath Elementary, as well as two new high school gyms and practice fields to replace the currently outdated and poorly-designed facilities.
While these projects are much needed, the unfortunate reality is that the limited funding allocated to athletics via the levy is simply not enough to meet the needs of the existing athletics department and bring our schools into the 21st Century.

As we all look forward to the transformative impact that the school construction will have on our children and those who will follow for decades to come, the Revere All-Sports Booster Club will embark on a capital campaign to ensure that our athletic facilities will also be brought into the 21st Century.

The good news is that we have performed all of the research necessary and find that we are only $3,000,000 away from getting us substantial upgrades and remediation to key athletic facilities.

The RASBC engaged a consultant to survey our community and its ability and collective desire to support a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds. We strongly believe that we are positioned well to accomplish our goals! We are well on our way, having raised over $1,000,000 in matching fund commitments from lead donors.
The Time is Now: A Call to Action

Study after study have shown the impact of student athletics upon our children can be significant, which is why providing valuable opportunities to all students in athletics is so very important and impactful, and why raising the last $2,000,000 in funding is so vital.Study after study have shown the impact of student athletics upon our children can be significant, which is why providing valuable opportunities to all students in athletics is so very important and impactful, and why raising the last $2,000,000 in funding is so vital.

A 2015 report published in the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies titled “Sports at Work: Anticipated and Persistent Correlates of Participation in High School Athletics” illustrated that: a) a larger proportion of former student athletes reported having careers in upper management, b) that former student athletes were more likely to volunteer and donate money to charitable causes and do so over the long term (many more than 55 years after high school) and c) people that played at least one varsity sport in high school tend to rate higher in categories related to leadership, self-confidence and self-respect.

Leaders of some of our world’s largest companies understand these factors incredibly well.

  • Ken Marschner, prior Executive Director of UBS says: “We try to recruit people that can work in a team environment, are competitive and driven, and it is not a pre-requisite, but many times athletes have those traits,”
  • Steve Reinemund, former CEO of PepsiCo says “In my 30 years in the business world, I have found that what an athlete brings to the workplace is discipline, teamwork, a drive for success, the desire to be held accountable and a willingness to have their performance measured.”
  • According to Forbes, incorporating sports into a woman’s education is perhaps even more critical in preparing her for the future, stating: In 2002, a study by mutual fund company Oppenheimer revealed that a shocking 82% of women in executive-level jobs had played organized sports in middle, high or post-secondary school. Moreover, nearly half of women earning over $75,000 identified themselves as ‘athletic.’
Additionally, with our school district getting ready to begin construction this fall, there is no better time to make the improvements to our athletic facilities due to the synergies and cost efficiencies of planning, coordinating and constructing these improvements will allow, making every dollar we spend go the farthest it can.
All the factors are present for success, and all we need is you, which is why Revere hall of famers and icons Coach Joe Pappano and his wife Lynn and Larry Nance, Sr., along with Larry’s wife, Jaynee, have agreed to be honorary Co-Chairs of this initiative.

Coach Pappano stated “There is no better time in the history of Revere to position our school and athletics at the top of the class and set the stage for the next 20 years. If we miss this opportunity, we will do our schools, students and community an incredible disservice”

Larry Nance, Sr. stated “My kids had a great experience growing up, getting educated and playing sports at Revere. We feel this area has so much to offer families. We have never regretted our choice in schools. We want to continue supporting Revere even after our youngest, Pete, graduates in May. This campaign to help support the athletic facilities in the new schools being built is one we believe in.”

We have a narrow window of opportunity to affect profound and lasting change for our community. Revere School leaders are diligently working to begin construction of the new High School and New Bath Elementary school now and if we are not also pursuing our athletic advancements in parallel, the opportunity is likely lost. As such, we need to secure the last $2,000,000 in commitments by the fall of 2018 to be included and moving in concert with the school district. As a result, Private donors have a unique opportunity to leverage their investments for significant and long-lasting community change right here, right now, in a way that has never been present before and may never be presented again.

Let’s do this for our schools, our children and our community. For today and the years to come.

The Benefit:

Our schools become the center of our communities

Revere Local School District is similar to many school districts across our nation. Many other communities are facing the challenge of replacing old, outdated and inadequate facilities. There is a growing body of knowledge and research that can guide us as we design facilities that will meet the needs of our student athletes.

We now have the opportunity to expand our school’s athletic and wellness facilities, enabling us to meet the demands for more practice fields and courts, and encourage the continued improvement of our athletic program from youth through high school.

Participation across all ages

Currently about 65 percent of high school students participate in one or more district activities, including the band. The benefit of these new and expanded facilities will also have a significant impact on youth athletic and wellness programs down through age 6, and many of these youth athletic programs serve area residents not attending district schools.

The creation of new practice fields, a softball field, auxiliary gyms and training facilities will significantly alleviate the need to schedule practices off-campus and at odd hours that run into the late evenings, sometimes as late as 11:00 p.m. Renovation of the existing fieldhouse, baseball fields and the entryway into Joseph Pappano Stadium will make our facilities more usable for everyone and bring the District closer to Title IX compliance. Greater access to better physical resources will get our students home sooner, where they can and should complete homework assignments or enjoy some free time with their families and friends.

Our combined efforts to improve school athletic and wellness facilities will clearly benefit the greatest majority of our students, and many other area families, especially if these new facilities create opportunities for even more of our area youth to get active and get involved.

The success of this proposed $3 million private fundraising campaign will significantly improve
Our Schools, Our Community and Our Future!
Campaign Leadership:

This campaign is being Co-chaired by Larry Nance, Sr. and his wife Jaynee, and renowned Revere Coach Joe Pappano and his wife Lynn. They will be joined by Brad and Colleen Wertz and Whitt and Ann Butler. The campaign will be conducted by the Revere All Sports Booster Club, Inc. an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Booster Club was first organized in 1951 and has continually operated as an Ohio not-forprofit corporation since that time for the benefit of our schools, our athletics and our community. The Booster Club has been a driving force in the support, development and augmentation of our athletic programs and its facilities. It has helped our school pass levies vital for its operations and campus. It has improved our programs, equipment, uniforms and facilities. There is not a single sport, program or child that the Booster Club not helped in some meaningful way. Since 2010, we have been involved in contributing over $1,000,000 to these initiatives and making our school, its programs and its athletics the best it can be.

The Booster Club is governed by a volunteer non-profit board of trustees composed of local leaders, including:

  • Bradley Wertz, President
  • Gretchen Brokloff, Vice President
  • D. M. Perrott, Treasurer
The Revere All Sports Booster Club has a long-standing and cooperative working relationship with our School’s administration and is being further assisted by the Revere Athletics Capital Campaign Committee, including the following volunteer members:

  • Gretchen Brokloff
  • Whitt Butler
  • Shannon Raimondo
  • Bradley Wertz
For additional information please contact Mr. Wertz at Brad.Wertz@gmail.com. A one page Capital Campaign Information Sheet & a Pledge Form can be downloaded by selecting the buttons below.